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Katherine Bjelke

Graphic Design & Illustration

Creativity has always been a fundamental part of my life, so I always knew that I wanted it to be the main element of my work. I consider myself a versatile graphic designer and illustrator, aware of the world surrounding us, and I have constantly been attracted to experiment and create in different areas and media. 

Understanding the needs of my clients, finding solutions, creative opportunities, and helping people find the most effective way to communicate visually is my priority.

I am used to work with deadlines, plans and goals, in addition, I feel comfortable both in digital media and in print. I look forward to working on new projects where I can contribute, learn and continue to explore graphic design and communication.

I hope you enjoy this portfolio and that it could be the beginning of a good relationship and a great job.

Get in touch

Email: | Tel: 0045 42 52 34 61

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